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Is your current IT provider failing to keep up with your business needs?

Our team of technology experts bring a deep understanding of both IT and business to ensure your technology is aligned with your company’s goals.


Takala Technology Services is a family owned business providing Enterprise level IT Support for small to mid-sized businesses.


Technology Solutions

What Can We Help You With?

Flat-Rate IT Support

We provide businesses with predictable and consistent IT support costs, allowing for better budgeting and avoiding unexpected expenses.

Network Security

We protect computer networks from unauthorized access, data theft, and other cybersecurity threats utilizing next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, VPN, and many other tools securing network resources.

Cloud Computing

We deliver computing services, including servers, storage, software, and more over the internet. Reduce your IT infrastructure costs, scale resources up or down as needed, and access the latest technologies without the need for heavy investment in hardware or software.

Phone Systems

Our telecom offerings comprise cutting-edge solutions, such as handsets, soft phones, and VOIP solutions to cater to your modern-day communication requirements.

Business Continuity

We create plans and strategies to keep operations running in the event of disruptions. We identify critical processes, systems and data, implementing measures to ensure their availability and resilience.

IT Consulting

We provide expert advice and recommendations on how to use technology to achieve your business objectives, improve processes, and solve technical problems. We can also help identify area for improvement and customize a solution to meet your specific needs.


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